Blast from the Past / 2008 -2010: Hello world! From inside Mexico to you…

Chenalho (19)

A very warm welcome to all of our English speaking friends and supporters, and those who are simply looking for more information or a balance in what they’ve seen or heard from others. We are a major source of information about religious persecution in Mexico both nationally and on the international scene.

This year we have had almost 200 Indigena believers displaced from their homes just in Chiapas; they are  left dependent upon the government, a few ministries or churches to lend them some minor support while they wait for some response from their local tribal, state, and the Federal governments.

In the community of Agua Azul, Presbyterian believers were attacked by 2 separate waves of Zapatistas in February, leaving one dead, 24 wounded, one paralyzed, another lost the use of his arm from the machete attack, and others are so traumatized that they fear leaving their homes.

ataque (2)

Mitziton has been besieged by the Zapatista political support group La Otra Campaña all year, with highway blockades, several attacks, and a propaganda machine set up against them that attempts to discredit the Evangelical leaders and  believers,  in networks that publish their Pro Zapatista posts around the world.

2 Evangelicals from San Gregorio are imprisoned, accused of attempted murder and another 4  in hiding, resulting from a delegation of 200 neighbors in mass, and armed with machetes cutting the water and lights of 4 Evangelical families who refused to pay the fees for the Catholic /  Traditionalist religious festivals.

Another 31 Evangelicals were run out of their community of  Los Llanos, after neighbors tore down their houses, and 45 were expelled from a community in Chilon, when they refused to back the local alliance of political parties in their aggressive effort to expel 171 Zapatistas from the area.

Los Llanos

We are A Voice for those who don-t have one… and hope you will come often to this site for information… to guide you in prayer for the suffering church, to be better informed, and to participate in one project or another, collaborating either with us directly, or with one of the other national Voice of the Martyrs offices around the world. So far, most people have no real idea of what is happening in Mexico, or the situation of most Evangelicals in Latin America who live as second or even third class citizens… for not being members of the majority church.

Thank you, on behalf of our brothers and sisters in Christ who are persecuted for their faith in Mexico and around Latin America, for your concern, interest, and Christian love for others.


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