Blast from the past: VOM Mexico /My Heroes of the Faith: VDLM /VOM Bulletin from Mexico

I want to share with you as my Family in Christ, what is our first official bulletin from Voice of the Martyrs in Mexico…This is a very special cover for me, because they are all Mexicans persecuted for their faith, and I know each one of them personally… have been to their villages, eaten with them, ministered to them, and been blessed by their faithfulness and ability to follow the Lord despite the loss of practically everything they own. They are mostly humble Indigena believers who can quote scriptures better than most of us, but have actually applied them to their daily living. I am so fortunate and privileged in being to serve them, and share their testimonies with others, so that You might be encouraged in your walk and in taking your faith a few steps further. They are:

  • Antonio: from Zinacantan Chiapas, pastor, Director of the Tzotzil Seminary
  • Julia with daughter, Chamula Indigena expelled with 21 others from Chilil, was beaten and expelled from her community, and still said…” I will not renounce my faith. I know who and what I am… and I will stay with my Jesus.”
  • Isabel from Oaxaca: while her husband Ruben worked 3 jobs for 8 years in the USA, building her a nice home, their son became sick, and was dying. The shamans and witchcraft could do nothing, nor the saints… but Jesus healed him. She can’t renounce her faith either… it gave her Salvation and her son’s life. She and 49 other families were expelled… loosing everything. Ruben came home to straighten her out… but found himself unwelcome too. He’s now trusting Jesus.
  • Children are also victims: expelled from public schools, loosing govt benefits that bring food, milk and other aid into their homes.
  • Estela: spokeswoman for the Innocent Prisoners from the Acteal Massacre Case from 1997… 86 arrested and falsely accused including almost half of them Christians that the Zapatistas wanted out of “their territory”.
  • Erika, from Hidalgo… harassed and threatened in her community and her church besieged by neighbors so it can’t be used.
  • Pastor Lucio: Chamula from Los Llanos… was a drunken addict until he met Christ in a Christian Rehab Center. On returning home he shared Christ with his family and neighbors, and led a small congregation. In short time he saw his church torn down, then their houses… and all 31 of them were run out loosing everything last January. They are displaced persons, in Chiapas Mexico.
  • Antonio from Huixtan… was run out of his community as well in 2001. Now is studying in Ocosingo Bible Institute so he can share the Gospel as a missionary to those who oppose it.
  • Petra, Chamula from Los Llanos: mother of eight minor children at 33 years of age. Was expelled with the rest of her congregation… has seen her husband saved from alcoholism and her family firmly established in the Lord. She is now a spokesperson for her people, one of the few who speak Spanish well.
  • Lay Pastor Miguel with his Pastor: several communities were affected by a mob attack of 200 neighbors armed with machetes who came to cut their utilities because they weren’t participating in the Catholic festivals anymore, and paying fees for Catholic Traditionalist festivals.
  • These are our brothers and sisters in Christ… my friends, some of my heroes. Please keep them in prayer along with the Presbyterian brothers who were attacked February 2010 leaving one widow, several orphans, and a number of them incapacitated and traumatized by the violence directed at them.

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