DEAR BROTHERS AND SISTERS IN CHRIST,  greetings and blessings go out to you from our office and team in CHIAPAS, MEXICO to each of you who has kept us and the persecuted brethren in prayer this past year. We won’t know much you contributed to our protection and provision until we meet in heaven… but  I want you to know now how it means to us that you keep us in prayer, express concern for the brethren and this office that ministers on their behalf,  and that some of you actually have made the effort and sacrificed to send donations or offerings to support the ministry work to the persecuted church of  CHRIST. 

2011 was an amazing year celebrating personal relationships with many displaced indigena believers and within our own team. There was also much sadness on seeing the ALMOST complete lack of response of the MEXICAN government  to the decrees of the Mexican National Human Rights Committee to facilitate the return to their communities of the Chilil and Los Llanos groups… displaced since NOVEMBER of 2009, and January of 2010. We learned from trial and error… but in the midst of trial and tribulation have been blessed and priveliged to serve those who are persecuted for their Christian faith.  

We invite you to join us in the work this year… from the start. There is much work to be done… too much for just a few of us to carry the burden which is always lighter when shared. 

May the LORD OF LORDS, and KING OF KINGS, bless you mightily this year as you respond to the needs of your weaker brother and those who live in total darkness without knowledge of the One who loved them so… to the point of self sacrifice and death on the Cross of Calvary.



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