Ending the year: Prayer Themes / Focus & Activities for 2014

VOM CALENDARIO_2014_25x43 (marron)Just to remind you that we do have a prayer calender, following the same basic yearly plan, so that our people are pretty much accustomed to pray along with the VOM Mexican Mission. Each month mentions at least one country, a theme, a scripture, and shares a relevant photo.

UPDATE 2014: Please join us in prayer for:

  • the activities scheduled for the last months of 2014
  • Sunday School Teachers Training in October and November, and their Closing Certificate Program in December (18 community groups representing between 500 – 700 elementary school children)
  • Jesus Freaks Youth Program being launched Saturday October 18th in San Cristobal and the plans for a Jesus Freaks Congress in October of 2015
  • Return visit to Group in Pushila, who were uniquely allowed to return in mass to their community after 2 years of expulsion, last December 26th 2013. We are going in to the EZLN autonomous area to bring gifts to the young people of the community, and share words of encouragment with them.
  • pushila
  • Youth and Persecuted Church March the 31st of October, with local churches marching in support of Persecuted Body of Christ
  • IDOP in Mexico and Latin America the month of November
  • Participation of Luis Herrera VOM Mexico in the CSW Forum on Religious Persecution in Mexico City this November
  • Visits to northern states befre the year ends
  • December visits from northern Mexico group from Ensenada, and others
  • Blessings Festival participation of VOM Mexico office for Colombia (January 2015)

For those who are interested in accompanying us in prayer, we will have available the new prayer calender for 2015 the end of October.


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