Persecuted Brethren Choosing VOM

DSCF0450 Luis Antonio Lopez Herrera COOC / VDLM pictured with a group from varied regions (ASAP Base) A new type of Legal Counseling & Mediation in Chiapas.

Most VOM Missions choose  or develop projects for persecuted groups in a varying range of backgrounds: regional, religious, etnias, ideological, armed conflicts etc. Voice of the Martyrs in Mexico has the distinction of having their office right in the middle of the persecution zone, and an extension in the state of Sinaloa, one of the foremost drug cartel states. We function and minister from within the persecution zone, and we don’t choose groups or projects… they choose us.

In 2009 VOM Mexico had contact with several cases, because of VOMC’s visit to Chiapas and the taping of Mexican Voices. At that time we met groups from Chilil, Las Margaritas, Ocosingo, San Cristobal, Chamula, Los LLanos and San Gregorio,  and had already met in 2006 with Estela Luna and her group from the Acteal case. We maintained relationships with them through 2012, and met through the years others from Zinacantan.

With the change in governors in 2012, and  the disappearance of the sources of corruption in the area of religious persecution, many groups were abandoned and no longer had legal representation. In 2013, they began arriving at our doorstep, calling by telephone, or being referred by other groups. By the end of 2013, we had developed relationships of trust with some 30+ groups. In mid 2014 that number has grown.

So, we weren’t choosing cases, or whom to attend to, but receiving those who came to us, on an equal basis. Most groups are in the process of being expelled from their communities, or have already been expelled, having lost almost everything.

We are pleased and blessed to have been accepted by these groups and families who have in the past been betrayed by families, neighbors, their authorities, and some by their Evangelical leaders or lawyers. We hope to continue ministering to them, to others, and in the process reach out to communities who don’t understand yet, that having  Christians in their communities is and should be a blessing.

Please lift in prayer:

  • Perscuted groups not just in the state of Chiapas, but in Oaxaca, Michoacan, Guerrero and those who are oppressed by armed groups in other regions.
  • Functionaries of Mexican government from federal, state and local levels that they might attend the existent cases in an honest manner without looking for political advantage or benefit.
  • Evangelical pastors and leaders that they might be more sensitive to the needs of their perscuted brethren, and demonstrate that discrimination of Indigena brethren is no longer the rule.
  • Provision so that VDLM-VOM might continue to serve the persecuted brethren in Chiapas and in other parts of Mexico.



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