Training Sunday School Teachers in Hostil Communities

DSC_0013 (Copiar)For years Pastors and Leaders have been telling us that they do not feel adequately prepared to disciple their church groups, and even less to develop their own church Sunday School. We decided this year to make it an area of concentration for the Kids of Courage Program… Making time for such a provision is obviously the first obstacle, after recognizing the need for the program. We invited 25 groups to participate, and after scheduling  2 introductory sessions, we now have the strong comittment of  11 groups, with 4 tentatives. The actual course begins with 6 monthly classes, material of crayons, music discs, 1 DVD monthly, lessons and crafts, glue, scissors, etc.

DSC_0027 (Copiar)There are groups participating from Tojolabal, Tzeltal, and Tzotzil Chamula, Zinacantan and Huixtan etnias… from the regions of Las Margaritas / Comitan, Matamoros / Nuevo Leon, Chilil / Las Era / San Antonio Huixtan, Chamula, Nachig, Elambo and San Cristobal de las Casas en Chiapas.

DSC_0039 (Copiar)With Lesson material, music disk, dvd The Jim Eliot Story, Crafts, and VOM emphasis on persecuted believers around the world. All appreciated and enjoyed in the company of others who understand and identify with their stories of violence and religious persecution.

DSC_0028 (Copiar)En la Base ASAP de Ministerios VDLM-VOM Mexico.


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