Knowing persecution in the flesh, they strive to share their faith with others…


Young women from hostile communities determined to share their faith as Sunday School teachers  in Voice of the Martyrs Mexico SS Training Course. The younger women in front are from a group expelled from their community three years ago, and the woman in the rear lives in a community known for it’s persecution for decades.


Her pastor left his community 20 years ago when he saw the violence growing against the Evangelical believers in his community. He left before it reached out and damaged his family.


Brother Pedro came to the class to take his daughters place as she had to attend another meeting in her community. Pedro was freed from prison last August 5th, after being accused with his oldest son of shooting at a crowd who were attacking another Christian family. The charges were false, but it didn’t matter to his neighbors who preferred to see any two Evangelicals in prison than lose the guilty persons who had escaped. Pedro served 3 and a half years. His son was abused, bullied, and made fun of by the other prisoners, much as Jesus was while on the cross. Pedro and his son matured in his faith while in prisoner, and it touches us to have him feel secure and welcome in the ASAP Base of VOM in Mexico.


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