Blast from the Past / 2008 -2010: Hello world! From inside Mexico to you…

Voice of the Martyrs Director's Blog: Mexico

Chenalho (19)

A very warm welcome to all of our English speaking friends and supporters, and those who are simply looking for more information or a balance in what they’ve seen or heard from others. We are a major source of information about religious persecution in Mexico both nationally and on the international scene.

This year we have had almost 200 Indigena believers displaced from their homes just in Chiapas; they are  left dependent upon the government, a few ministries or churches to lend them some minor support while they wait for some response from their local tribal, state, and the Federal governments.

In the community of Agua Azul, Presbyterian believers were attacked by 2 separate waves of Zapatistas in February, leaving one dead, 24 wounded, one paralyzed, another lost the use of his arm from the machete attack, and others are so traumatized that they fear leaving their homes.

ataque (2)

Mitziton has…

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