Blast from the Past: 2010 Liberated at last! Bartolo Luna, Husband of Juana, & Estela’s Father

Voice of the Martyrs Director's Blog: Mexico

Bartolo's wife Juana, waiting almost 13 years for his release...

Acteal Families' Spokesperson, Estela Luna Perez, Bartolo's daughter, has carried this struggle on fo the release of her people for more than a dozen years.

We were advised tonight that Spokeswoman Estela Luna Perez’s father, Bartolo Luna was liberated from El Amate prison after serving 13 years of a 36 years sentence for the Acteal Massacre, on trumped up charges.

On December 22nd, 1997, a group of Pro Zapatista sympathizers Las Abejas was attacked and 45 Tzotziles, mostly women and children were brutally killed. Almost 120 Tzotziles were rounded up in the following days when the pro Zapatistas started pointing fingers and identifying a long list of neighbors or Indigenas from surrounding areas who were not part of the movement, political party, or majority religion.

86 were convicted over the years, half of them evangelical believers who insisted they were innocent scapegoats in a plan to rid the highlands of political and religious opposition. The Christians were considered to be “throwaways”, and less likely able to provide a defence for themselves.

The Mexican government on various levels…

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