New: VOM Mexico 2015 Prayer Calendar

2015 vdlm cal

The VOM Mexico Prayer calendar has a monthly country and theme focus, with a relevant scripture and a related photo from Mexico or of it’s collaborators.

January: VOM Mexico Collaborators and fellow VOM Mission Offices / Colombia

February: Pastors and Leaders / Cuba

March: Ethnic Groups, in Mexico, / Hmong of Vietnam and Uighur of China

April: Kids of Courage wherever they may be / North Korea Prayer Campaign

May: Women in the Breach / Hearts of Fire: Nigeria

June: Immediate Attention and Legal Counsel / Bob Fu and China Aid / China

July: Vacation Bible School / India and Latin America

August: VOM Mexico General Assembly and it’s Activities / Egypt

September: Liberation of Those imprisoned for their Faith / Iran, Pastor Saeed and other prisoners

Octuber: Jesus Freaks / Youth, University Students and Young Adults

November: IDOP / DOMIP in Spanish: Iraq and Syria

December: Christian Families Expelled from their Communities / Fidel Lopez and Family from La Buena Vista and all others passing through the same experience / Pakistan.

Please unite with us in prayer now and in the coming year… prayer binds us to those who suffer, and lets loose the power of God in their favor.

prayer 1




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