Chiapas: where most documented cases of religious persecution in Mexico occur

28Religious persecution has long been documented in the southern state of Chiapas, with concentrations being in the municipalities of Chamula, Zinacantan, San Cristobal de las Casas, Huixtan, Las Margaritas, Comitan, La Trinitaria, Altamirano, and Ocosingo with cases also being reported in Carranza, Palenque, and Tila amongst others.

chilil sisiter dool mini                        (Chilil Huixtan)

Typically the cases occur in Indigena communities but not always. Two cases, one in Yashtinin, and the other in Matamoros are not Indigenous communities.

DSCF4526                     (Matamoros, Carranza)

The problems usually occur when former Catholic members leave their local church to exercise their newfound Evangelical faith, and begin rejecting former practices and beliefs… and also what their communitiy requires of them that specifically relates to religious practices: either traditionalist or Catholic.

Men accused of attempted homicide in San Gregorio. 2 are imprisoned, and 4 others in hiding while their cases is presented by Esdras Alonso.                     (San Gregorio y San Antonio / Zitim in Huixtan)

Most know there will be a price to pay, and that they will be persecuted for the life changing decision they have taken on. Tribal or community identity is tied to tribal animistic rituals and the Catholicism mixed with them, or what is called folklore / popular Catholicism, and also to the attempts by the Catholic arch-diocese and paroquial authorities and catequists to bring Indigena communities into line with traditional Roman Catholic teaching.

LA Florecilla (2)                     (La Florecilla in San Cristobal de las Casas)

There are now up to 70 documented cases in Chiapas, not resolved or attended to,   and others that were left with loose ends.





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