Jesus Freaks / Locos por Jesus: Improvising Dramas and Internalizing Persecution

DSC_0204Would you renounce Christ? Would you spit on the Bible, God’s sacred word to save you life?

DSC_0211We have your nephew! Would you renounce your calling to preach the Gospel to the lost and perishing, to save the life of a loved one?

DSC_0228We will die grateful! While 2 young Chinese girls thank their pastor for preaching the Word to them, and for discipling them, he rejects his faith to save his life. Read the book to find out what price he pays for his decision.

DSC_0217I promise I won’t cry anymore! The little girl reminds her mother that it is better to suffer in prison than renounce Jesus and their faith in Him.

DSC_0234The Letter between friends… The story of 2 young Russsian women and their decisions.

DSC_0262We will die together! The testimony of Haim and his family of 7 children, and how their dying together saved others.


Greetings from the Voice of the Martyrs Mexico Locos Team: Luis, Isaac, Lolita, Benji, Linda, Irma, and Lucy! at the end of a rewarding and challenging evening.



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