Prayer Alert: New Case in Pantelho, Chiapas

chiapasIn reference to: Voz de los Martires en Mexico

What is the reason for the increase in cases in Chiapas? Even though government sources say ” it isn’t so” ?

In the township of Sepelton, in the municipality of Pantelho,  15 Evangelical families had their water cut for not participating in the Catholic religious festival to celebrate the patron saint of the community. The local authorities claimed that the Evangelicals themselves were “in agreement” to have their water cut, however they neglected to explain that the authorities had given them the choice of paying and participating in the Catholic festival, or having their water cut. 
It’s now been 20 days without water; will we see them going from gov’t office to gov’t office to find someone who will attend to their case? Or will they actually tell them, as so many have heard, that it is their own fault for not participating in the Catholic festival even though they are NOT Catholic Or even worse, will the government deny that there is a case, or call it anything but religious persecution?  such as a familiy, land, or political problem?
We hope that this information will come forth in the next few days, but at least for now, We can thank God for the rainy season that the Evangelicals are taking advantage of, to store water for their basic needs meantime.
Luis Herrera of VDLM-VOM Mexico, known in mediation circles as Coordinacion Organizaciones Cristianas (Coordination of Cristian Organizations) explains: Coordinacion Organizaciones Cristianas  It is a cyclical theme, every year when the Catholic Patron Saint’s Festivals come around, the pressure towards Evangelical groups is right around the corner as well.
*LJP of VDLM-VOM : Until the roots of the problem are attended to, and the community authorities and key figures of the Roman Catholic church recognize the innate and Constitutional rights of freedom to choose and exercise one’s faith… this will keep on repeating itself. Unfortunately, the Mexican government- on all levels- is not interested in protecting the rights of Evangelical Christians who have little economical or political influence.



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