March of 1000+ Evangelicals in support of Persecuted Brethren in Chiapas Mexico

DSCF4996The Persecuted Church in Chiapas, supported by the presence and participation of more than 1000 persons, many from the varied persecuted groups themselves, Friday, October 31st in their march in the capital: Tuxtla Gutierrez. A Voice was heard for the almost 70 cases documented just in Chiapas alone. The march began at 9:30 am, with groups who began their making their way to the capital from different points around the state at 3 am and were accompanied for the day long event by local churches in Tuxtla and from San Cristobal.

DSCF5010The groups representing all those persecuted in the state stated that God’s heart is in Chiapas, and lifted their authorities to Him in prayer during the day, and asked them, especifically the governor, to do what is just, and respect their rights.

DSCF5058The governor was not present, and the groups refused to speak again with Religious Affairs and government officials who have patently ignored them, or actively blocked the resolution of cases since 2008.

DSCF4989The event was planned and organized over a month ago by Luis Herrera, President of Ministerios VDLM-VOM Mexico known as Voice of the Martyrs Mexico, his wife Maria Dolores Hernandez, as Coordinator of Kids of Courage VOM Mexico,( with Pastor Oscar of Matamoros) and the collaboration through Coordinacion Organizaciones Cristanas of the groups affected and a number of organizations, ministries and churches… including: Open Doors, the Council of Evangelical Churches in Chiapas, the Confraternity of Evangelical Churches in Chiapas, various Pastors Alliances in San Cristobal de las Casas where there are several cases , Huixtan where persecution is still common, Teopisca municipality where many persecuted were re located in the past 30 years, and Comitan, which has seen both cases of persecution and been a place of refuge for those fleeing aggressions.

DSCF4992Pastor Clever, one of the more faithful voices and forces in support of the perscuted brethren with several of the brothers from the group in Mariano Matamoros… community no Indigena, beseiged and threatened constantly by their local authorities. Also indespensable is Pastor Josue and his congregations around the state, busy in attending to the practical needs like feeding all gathered there, and the Buena Vista group with plans on camping out in front of the governor’s office until he finds time to talk with them.

The day was disheartening as far as waiting to see some vestige of interest on the government’s part, but blessed in fellowship and encouraging one another. it is unusual for different ethnic groups to unite, passing over language and cultural differences… In Christ we are all united, and the time spent together was a day of being concerned for one another and rejoicing as ONE Family in Christ.

No action taken sincerely, and looking to glorify our God is in vain. All knew that our God is moving and working in the Heavens that which needs attention here in their humble lives.

DSCF4976Humberto (Director OD) with the group from Buena Vista.



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