India: VOM USA… Hindu militants wearing saffron bands arrived and accused the Christians of converting Hindus.

vomc india

INDIA: Christians Attacked by Hindu Militants

Sources: World Watch Monitor, Morning Star News

This man was injured in the attack.
Photo: World Watch Monitor

Tensions remain high in a remote village of Chhattisgarh State after clashes between Hindu militants and followers of Christ. On October 25th, local officials summoned area Christians to a meeting in Madota Village under the pretext of resolving conflict over bans in the district on missionaries and non-Hindu religious activity. Dozens of villages in the district passed such bans earlier this year.

The Christians in the village gathered at the designated spot all day, but nobody else turned up. However, that evening, armed Hindu militants wearing saffron bands arrived and accused the Christians of converting Hindus. The militants then beat more than 15 of the unsuspecting believers. More than 10 of those maliciously attacked, the majority of whom were seriously injured, had to be taken to hospital for treatment.

Pray over the village during this time of tension and unrest, asking that the ‘Prince of Peace’ will use the Christians there to be His agents of ministry and reconciliation.

Also ask our gracious Father to bring a swift recovery to those who were injured in this latest assault.

May the Hindu militants soon respect the religious freedom of the believers in this village, so that these Christians will be free to practise their faith without fear of attack.

Until then, may God strengthen the resolve of His children to continue following Him in spite of the possible risks.


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