VOM Mexico sends to printers abridged Spanish study version of In the Shadow of the Cross: Theology of Persecution and Discipleship


The three part study version of In the Shadow of the Cross by VOMC’s Glenn Penner, planned since before his death in 2010, is finally being printed, thanks to a funding project by the VOMC Mission office. The abridged version is accomodated to be more accesible to the persecuted Body of Christ in Mexico and in general.

The first study is actually taken from the last chapter in Glenn’s original text book, to present Glenn to the Mexican reader, and to exhort the church to do it’s homework… fulfill the Great Commission instead of standing by and waiting for the return of Christ to take the church out of this world, through understanding God’s reasons for waiting, or for delaying the return of Christ.

It lays the basis for the second and main part of the manual, understanding and delving into Glenn’s development of the Theology of Persecution and Discipleship, that Pastor Daniel Celis, presents from Genesis through Apocalypsis with relevant comments and a point of view that reflects his own experience and studies with the persecution of the Body of Christ in Mexico.

The third study is a presentaion of the ministerial protocols developed in a collaboration between Luis Antonio Herrera, native of Chiapas, with more than 20 years of experience in the persecution field, and Linda Picard, an American bi-vocational missionary, responsible for initially establishing the VOM Mission in Mexico.

The mediation, pastoral, and social networking skills of Luis and his organization, Coordination of Christian Organizations (Coordinacion Organizaciones Cristianas), along with Linda’s personal and social skills, combined with the love for Voice of the Martyrs as a ministry, facilitated the devolpment and refining of a first class integral program of Immediate and Secondary attention to and for the Persecuted Church in Mexico.

Added to the third study are case examples, programs, and projects to illustrate how VDLM – VOM Mexico has developed the best all round plan of attention with a small staff and little funds, and the coordination of efforts by others including pastors, churches, ministries and NGO’s.

Throughout the three studies are Interactive Dynamics taken from the VOM USA 100 Suggestions to become involved… to make this small work not just an academic study but a common sense and practical exercise in responding to: persecution, those who are persecuted, and those who are persecuting our brethren or us.

Ten thousand manuals should be available by the end of July, and will be presented at the VOM Mexico August General Assembly in Chiapas for team training in presenting the principles and ideas around Mexico. Workshops will then be sheduled in different regions with the hope of impacting the Body of Christ in Mexico, and affirming those who are actually facing persecution in the flesh.

If you are interested in supporting this project, please contact this office or VOMC for more information. Your prayers are appreciated always as we set out on this new stage of ministry.


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