Our VDLM Projects 2014-2015

Each of the following  VOM Program has its activities and projects.

Immediate Attention and Mediation:


  • Legal Counseling and Mediation for persecuted groups / without lawyers.
  • Humanitarian Aid as immediate attention: food baskets, shelter, medical attention, blankets, utensils needed for cooking, etc.
  • DSCF1056
  • Counseling & Conflict Resolution
  • Spiritual Development & Discipling Training
  • Publication Montly Bulletin:  Una Voz Clamando
  • One time Humanitaria Aid: recover the pick up of Pedro Ara, confiscated by govt when he was falsely imprisoned $2200 USD +/- / This was changed since the pick up after being parked for several years was missing parts and not worth rescuing. Instead we are supporting Pedro´s daughter Manuela in her nursing studies providing her with room and board, funds for uniforms, books and supplies and her transportation and fees back and forth to her classes.
  • One Time Micro Loan to buy taxi for Miguel Ara, family member persecuted for San Gregorio Case $2400 USD +/-

Family Blessings:

  • Collection of goods /non-perishables, clothing, toys, blankets, toys, school materials, needed for the attention of persecuted families in Chiapas & on national level.
  • Provision of immediate care in the ASAP Base, with dormitory space, basic food elements of coffee, tea, cookies, sweet bread, beans, rice, at hand for ministry oriented and formal activities or visits and emergencies.
  • Reception and care of Despensas (Food Baskets) for emergencies as needed
  • Collection or fabrication of toys, blankets, simple clothing items, knitted hats and scarves for cold, secondhand clothing,
  • Crafted material for formal activities, and educational purposes in conferences to educate and edify Body of Christ united with Persecuted Body.

Women in the Breach:

  • Counseling on Womens’ Issues and Discipling for Women
  • DSCF2764
  • Family Workshops teaching skills to help support family or group.
  • IMG-20130928-01719
  • Fabrication of material for different programs (2 sewing machines)
  • Industrial machines to 4 community groups with classes and yearlong supervision
  • DSCF8806
  • 10 Domestic Machines for 2 community groups, Zitim & San Gregorio, with classes and year long supervision

Jesus Freaks/ Youth:

  • Foros & Youth Oriented Activities such as Improvised Dramas using  Jesus Freak Testimonies, Puppets, and Making of Videos & Music
  • Developing Social Networks for Perscuted Communities Using skills of Technology smart youth and young adults.
  • Rescue the Captor: designed to educate University students and young adults
  • Sponsorship of Indigena Youth as boarded guests in the ASAP Base, looking to assist them with costs to contunue their studies

Kids of Courage:

  • Exchange / Support a Community through pictorial profiles and encapsulated information about children in the different persecuted and regional groups.
  • Including Colombia, and later Pakistan, India and Nigeria.
  • Kid Heroes of the Faith Activities April
  • Training of SS Teachers for 22 Communities
  • DSCF3638
  • Return to School: provision of basic school supplies for those who have classes, or need to study at home.
  • Idop Participation with participation through children November
  • Parade of the Nations: intertwining kids from persecuted communities in Chiapas, with Mexican kids, and persecuted groups around the world. December

Publication of Bulletins VOM and Literatura

  • Bi monthly Bulletins
  • Manual Shadow of the Cross taught in Workshops around the country
  • Hearts of Fire by Chapter
  • KIds of Courage Manuals: Family, Mission and Sunday School use

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