Voice of the Martyrs in Mexico opens new Training & Distribution Center

1VDLM / VOM in Mexico has moved it’s Sinaloa support office to a new building in the same neighborhood, but with better accomodations, security, and more economical. We are looking forward to the development of our northern Mexico team, serving the northern and central states of Mexico as a bridge between those who are actually experiencing religious persecution in the flesh in Mexico and the Body of Christ who should be sensitive and respond to their needs both in prayer and physically, … opening up opportunities to serve the persecuted body of Christ on both a national and international level.

Our team consists of Janeth, Adrianna, and Jorge being trained and mentored by Founder and General Ministry Director Linda Picard, and subject to the Administration and Board members in the Chiapas ASAP Base, which supplies both immediate and secondary attention to the persecuted Body of Christ in Mexico.

DSCF5354The office is equipped to receive volunteer groups and small groups for training sessions, distribute literature and materials for VOM sponsored and related activities, and to present VOM activities for Children, Youth, Women, Leadership, and general conferences relating to Biblical & persecution themes. Tuesday we will receive formally our first volunteer group in the new office, Women in the Breach / Hearts of Fire from the ICCVU (Villa Union Congregational Women’s group) with a brief introduction to our program and goals, and then proceed to the work at hand in fabricating crafts and materials for conferences and activities around the republic.


Work is also progressing in the preparation of several VOM themes as monthly magazines, Jorge’s work to reach out to pastors and leaders, keeping them informed,  and involving their churches, alliances or ministry groups in the work.

VOM Mexico has in the past 2 years becomes the principal source of information about religious persecution in Mexico, specifically based on its field work and the relationships of trust formed through it’s immediate attention to threated groups and families, it’s programs of support and follow up, and the coordination of aid through the work of Luis Herrera.

Please feel free to contact us directly to learn more about religious persecution in Mexico itself or to learn more about supporting this ministry and it’s outreach and projects. Persecution in Mexico is rarely reported and is often least understood for its complexity… sadly because most presume that Mexico being “Christian” precludes the presence of such barbarities as massive expulsions of Evangelical Indigenas and non Indigenas, preaching the Gospel, group prayer, building churches, children denied their rights to an an education, government aid being denied, or fees and participation required of Protestant Christians for Roman Catholic and Tribal Traditionalist fiestas and celebrations.

We, working here in Mexico have a better understanding of the complications and problems faced, and the fact that the government and human rights organizations are not interested in responding.

Prayer Points:

  • Accomodation of Sinaloa C / D Center & the training of its staff
  • Preparation and Printing of VOM Monthly Magazines
  • Development of VOM ministerial and leadership relationships in the northern and central parts of Mexico
  • Development of sensitivity and interest in those who are actually persecuted for their faith in the regions attended by our new VOM Center.
  • Development of a deeper consciousness of the actual situation in Mexico, and an attitude of mutual respect between Catholics and Evangelicals.
  • DSCF5351Jorge, Director; Janeth, Office Manager; Salome, Maintenance; Adrianna, Crafts





IDOP / DOMIP Mexico: Link in the Chain

Presenting part of the persecuted Body of Christ in Mexico, along with those who been not just voices, but also hands and feet in serving them in prayer, activism, humanitarian aid, spiritual and emotional counseling and encouragement, and through the programs that VOM has presented through the VOM Missions in Costa Rica, the USA, Canada and the national office of VOM Mexico since 2009.

If you look closely you will meet families and their kids, pastors and leaders involved at one time or another, national and international activists and journalists, international legislators and Heroes of the faith in their own countries. The Mexican states of Chiapas, Chihuahua, Baja California, Sinaloa, Jalisco, Oaxaca, Hidalgo, Tabasco, and the Federal District are represented and the countries of Costa Rica, Peru, United States, South Korea, China and Puerto Rico. In all, an interesting coming together of the Body of Christ to encourage, support and fellowship with the persecuted brethren in Mexico… a small part of the larger international Persecuted Body of Christ.

Enjoy, remember them in your prayers, and those who respond to their needs of whatever nature.

The music is from the VOM USA Vacational Bible School Pack, which we have been using bit by bit, and hope to begin translating into Spanish for our use in Mexico and Latin America.

VOMC / VOM Mex Persecution and Prayer Alert

goo 13 Persecution and Prayer Alert

           “Nothing tends more to cement the hearts of Christians
than praying together. Never do they love one another
so well as when they witness the outpouring
of each other’s hearts in prayer.”

~ Charles Finney

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